Cetim Safe

Corporate cybersecurity solution that aims to define and implement information security measures. 





   • Create awareness of the institution's entire organisational model;
   • Make members of the organisation aware of the importance of Cybersecurity;
   • Clarify the importance of adopting good cybersecurity practices, risks and impacts.



   • Disseminate and promote the general principles of information security; 
   • Share the risks of uninformed use of cyberspace; 
   • Disseminate information security principles: confidentiality, availability and integrity
   • Adopt the ten commandments of Cybersecurity. 


   Audit of cybersecurity processes and procedures 

It aims to analyse whether the operations and processes of a given organisation comply with cybersecurity procedures. We ensure the issuance of an opinion on ICT control measures, analysis of the efficiency of information systems, verification of compliance with good practices and the effective management of I.T. resources. 


  Audit of web system and network infrastructure (Pentest) 

The objective of the audit is to assess the entire Web system and the entire infrastructure of the organisation and identify security flaws that represent risks and threats. This analysis is based on protection standards against hacker attacks and other security issues, such as data loss and communication difficulties. 


Our Proposal 

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Cetim Safe

Cetim Safe

Cetim Safe

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